Why Tooth-Colored Fillings are The Best Choice for Your Smile

These aren’t your parents’ old, silver fillings! Unlike those, our tooth colored fillings in Dedham MA, also known as composite fillings, offer a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality for your smile.

From the moment patients enter our office for their routine visit and find that they’re suffering from a cavity, or if they’re interested in some of our cosmetic improvements, our dedication to their well-being is reflected with the choice of tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are composed of a specialized blend of plastic resins and fine particles, allowing us to create a restoration that seamlessly matches the natural color of your teeth. The results feel good, look, good, and you’re able to happily and comfortably smile once again.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, tooth-colored fillings embody a more conservative approach to dental restorations. Through a bonding process, these fillings adhere directly to the tooth structure, eliminating the need for the removal of excessive healthy tooth material. This bonding not only reinforces the tooth, but also minimizes the risk of cracks and sensitivity associated with traditional amalgam (silver) fillings.

At Smile Deign Team, patient safety and preferences are paramount. By opting for tooth colored fillings in Dedham MA, we ensure our patients receive a mercury-free alternative. This choice not only address concerns some patients may have about traditional amalgam fillings, but also aligns with our commitment to holistic and metal-free dental solutions.

In embracing tooth-colored fillings, our team goes beyond addressing cavities; we offer a comprehensive solution for cosmetic enhancements, such as repairing chipped or discolored teeth. This versatility enables us to cater to the diverse needs and desires of our patients, promoting overall satisfaction and confidence in your smiles.

If you have any questions regarding our tooth colored fillings in Dedham MA, or are ready to schedule your appointment at Smile Design Team, call our office today at (781) 329-4545. One of our friendly team members will always be ready to speak with you.

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