Save Your Smile with a Root Canal in Dedham, MA

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontic Treatment) is a highly specialized dental procedure that becomes necessary when the “heartbeat” of the tooth becomes damaged or diseased. A root canal in Dedham MA, one of the most common dental procedures performed, will remedy the disease as well as alleviate any associated discomfort and swelling.

It is uncommon for patients who have undergone Root Canal Therapy to experience complications after a routine endodontic treatment. However, if a problem does occur we are available to respond and tend to your specific needs. In order prevent further decay of the affected tooth, and to assure that the treatment is long-lasting, a continued commitment to good dental hygiene is of the utmost importance.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the dental specialty devoted to root canal therapy and retaining the tooth in the mouth so as to prevent the need for a dental implant or a bridge.

Root Canal FAQ: What You Need To Know

The term, common in the dental world, is associated with some of the serious dental problems. To clarify some of the definitions and understand the concepts behind, here is a compilation of root canal FAQ.

Q: What is the meaning of root canal?

A: Our Dedham root canal is defined as a dental procedure that is needed when the root of a tooth becomes infected. The method involves the removal of bacteria in the root and sealing the tooth to prevent from building up again.

Q: What is the cost of having a root canal?

A: This has been one of the most popular root canal FAQ. The cost of the procedure will depend on the difficulty of the situation. The complexity applied to the surgery can also be a factor in the price.

Q: Does the pain experienced after having a root canal seem reasonable?

A: It is normal to feel pain within 24 hours after the root canal. You will feel tenderness around the treated area, and the jaw will be sore from opening in long periods. Any pain felt that lasts for three days is needed to be consulted.

Q: How much period does a root canal usually take?

A: The procedure will take up about 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the situation. Some appointments can be a whole treatment for a single session, and some can be divided into multiple sessions with appropriate intervals.

Q: What are the symptoms to watch out for?

A: These are the symptoms you will be looking for:

  • Increase of tooth sensitivity and tooth pain
  • Swollen gums around the affected area
  • Presence of pimple around the area of affected gum
  • Irregularity of the jawbone
  • Tooth discoloration

Q: Can root canals be painful?

A: The pulp of the tooth determines whether you feel pain or not. If nerve endings are not present, you will likely feel nothing. If they are present, then anesthesia is required to ease the pain.

Q: What can I expect after having a root canal?

A: After successful surgery, these instructions will be included after:

  • Eat when the numbing of the mouth wears down
  • Wait for the tooth restoration through a crown before starting chewing
  • Return to the normal activities like brushing and flossing after the wearing down of anesthesia 

Q: Should I be worried about the possibility of infection after the root canal procedure?

A: It may be recommended to be cautious. Here are signs you need to be aware of for infection:

  • Increase pain continued to be felt a few days after
  • Visible swelling around the mouth
  • Symptoms are reoccurring


Q: What is the expected recovery time?

A: Gradual healing can be expected around the first week after the procedure. 

Q: Is seeing a root canal specialist necessary?

A: It will depend on the extent of the damage. In cases like that, dentists will refer you to the endodontist, which is a root canal specialist, to further examine and come up with a more accurate diagnosis and plan of treatment.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the root canal FAQ listed above has given you a general idea of what to expect during the procedure. It may be costly and sometimes painful; it is necessary to ensure dental health.

If you are experiencing pain from an infected tooth or have questions about a root canal in Dedham MA, call our dental office today at (781) 329-4545 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about treatment options.

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