What is Initial Periodontal Therapy?

Periodontal scaling and root planing is a conservative cleaning procedure meant to remove contamination and infection from beneath the gum. Scaling removes deposits of bacterial plaque, calculus, food debris, and pus that have accumulated in the infect pocket due to periodontitis.

Initial Periodontal TherapyRoot planing smooths and cleans the root of the tooth so that the gum tissue may heal next to the tooth. Scaling and root planing is usually performed in one section of the mouth at a time using local anesthesia for your comfort. Sedation can be utilized in conjunction with local anesthesia to complete the scaling and root planing treatment in a single visit. This non-surgical treatment is often effective in allowing complete healing of early stages of periodontitis and may reduce the extent of surgical treatment needed when performed in more advanced stages of gum disease.



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