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Affordable Dentures

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Affordable Dentures Dedham MA

Even with the increasing number of dental implants used to replace missing teeth, complete or partial dentures still provide many people with a fantastic restoration that will last and function for many years.

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We’re here to help! We offer a complete line of affordable denture options to fit your specific needs. From partial dentures to full dentures, immediate dentures to overdentures, we’ve got a treatment solution that’s just right for you. Say goodbye to ill-fitting dentures and missing teeth and say hello to a new you who can smile, speak and eat comfortably and confidently!

You deserve a beautiful, healthy, functional smile. Our team of experts has years of experience in providing exceptional, compassionate dental care. Isn’t it time you smiled again and lived your life to the fullest? Contact us today and we’ll get you on the road to a better, happier, more confident you!

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Full Complete Dentures Dedham MA

Full Dentures

Full (Complete) dentures are used when all the teeth have been lost in either your upper or lower arch. They allow you to smile, speak and chew your food so you can maintain proper nutrition.

Partial Dentures Dedham MA

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a tooth replacement appliance that replaces one or more missing teeth. A partial denture is held on by “clipping” on to some of your existing natural teeth or crowns.

Immediate Dentures Dedham MA

Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a complete denture that is placed at the time your last remaining tooth is removed. It allows you to instantly have a full set of teeth and walk out with your new smile.

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