Dentist Digital X-RaysDigital X-Rays are just one example of the convenience provided by modern technology. Modern x-rays have totally changed the dental practice, providing greater convenience and accuracy than ever before.

In the past, conventional film was the primary method used for displaying x-ray images. Although this was a valuable method at the time, improvements in technology have provided additional convenience in displaying x-ray images.

Today, special computer sensors provide dentists and dental assistants with direct access to the valuable information provided by an x-ray. Immediately following an x-ray, the images are displayed directly on the screen of a computer. This convenient process greatly reduces the amount of radiation exposure, limiting its usage by approximately 90%.

With current evidence surrounding radiation exposure, modern technology has made taking x-rays safer and more convenient than ever.

Benefits Provided By Digital X-Rays

With nearly immediate access to x-ray images, modern dental procedures are granted much greater accuracy than those of the past. Digital x-ray images can be conveniently enhanced, providing greater ease and precision in diagnosing current and future conditions. Concerns that might once have become severe dental problems can quickly be treated and resolved when spotted early on by an x-ray image.

What This Means For You

Modern digital x-rays provide many benefits to each patient in addition to providing a more convenient environment for the dentist. With this modern technology, you can receive:

  • Convenient ability to actually see what the dentist is talking about because xray images can easily be displayed for your benefit
  • Greater ability to participate in the co-diagnosis
  • Better understanding of dental procedures and options with visual display
  • Limited exposure to harmful radiation
  • Less wait time during appointments because images are displayed almost immediately
  • Faster diagnosis process – preventing possible progression by earlier treatment

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